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Online Talks & Workshops - Interactive talk via Zoom

Online Talks & Workshops

Join Anandé from PlayMore for an interactive talk on play and child development from the comfort of your own home. After check out, you will be instructed to download a PDF containing your meeting link. If you are unable to attend the exact date and time of the talk, you will be able to access the recording for 7 days (yup a whole week).

PlaymoreOT Born to play book

Born to Play Book

This book is for the caregiver who seeks a deeper understanding of how to nurture play and how to create an environment that supports playful engagement. This book aims to empower you, as a caregiver, to understand the difference between play and non-play and to reflect on factors impacting your child’s play. It also includes how-to strategies to set you on a more playful path.

Group Short Courses

The online group short courses will be offered in three age groups: 0-2, 2-4 and 4-6. These courses will cover play skills and development, play prompts and play spaces in more depth along with practical ‘how to’ demonstrations and tips. You will be able to get more personalised feedback on you and your little ones play journey.

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One-on-One Play Coaching

Did you know we offer one-on-one play coaching to schools as well as parents? One-on-one play coaching will allow you to book a video call with Anandé. This will provide you with tailored and specific advice and suggestions to meet the play needs of your child/children within your home or school context. If you are a school and would like to work with Anandé, please email to find out more about the two and three day school in person consultation services.



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