One-on-One Play Coaching


Did you know we offer one-on-one play coaching to schools and organisations as well? If you are a school or organisation and would like to work with Anandé, please email to find out more about the consultation services and options.

Please note, I am currently on maternity leave and one-on-one calls have been put on hold. Please email to be added to the waiting list once coaching reopens.

One-on-one play coaching allows you the opportunity to book a video call with Anandé. This will provide you with tailored suggestions to meet the play needs of your child/children within your home or school context. Please note my speciality is up to the age of 8 years. You can ask questions about:

  • Identifying unique play needs
  • Supporting free play
  • Developing play skills
  • Playfulness
  • Play space consideration
  • Play material considerations
  • Different types of play
  • Your child’s player profile
  • Understanding play motivations
  • Understanding differences and approaches in free play versus guided play versus activity as a caregiver
  • Play and developmental areas, such as sensory processing, gross and fine motor development
  • Factors that can impact on play e.g., playmates, screen time, caregiver approaches

To make the most of your coaching call, consider taking a short video recording of your questions prior to the coaching call e.g. a clip of your little one/s playing, should you have questions about play motivations, player profile or how to support free play. A clip of your play space and materials, should you have questions about the play space set up and so on.

You will receive a meeting link upon completion of your order. This call does not substitute medical advice or an OT assessment, evaluation or in person consultation. This coaching call is strictly for educational and informational purposes. This service cannot diagnose or offer treatment, it is not considered a healthcare service; therefore, it is not covered under medical aid insurance.

* If you are struggling to find a time slot based on your time zone, send us an email:

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