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Can’t make sense of it? Masterclass recording link rerelease. 

Join Anandé from PlayMore for a talk on play and child development from the comfort of your own home. After check out, you will be instructed to download your PDF workbook containing the talk recording link. You will have access to the talk recording from 21st February to 7th March 2022. (This is the same talk that was first released in September 2021).

Topic: Can’t make sense of it?  A look into individual sensory differences as part of a child-led approach.
In this online talk we will look at:
-What is self-regulation?
-How does sensory regulation fit into this?
-How do screens impact regulation skills?
-What is the link between sensory regulation and sleep?
-What are my child’s sensory needs?
-How does their sensory needs impact on their play choices and play engagement?
-Which player profile character/s link closely to my little one?
-Which strategies can I keep in mind to support my little one’s free play?
-Sensory strategies and the classroom setting/home schooling e.g. flexible seating.
You will receive a PDF after checkout with the recording link details.

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