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PlayMore aims to support and empower caregivers with knowledge and strategies in order to help children reach their full potential. The PlayMore Playground is an interactive learning platform where you will gain a deeper understanding, practical ‘how to’ tips and strategies on various play and child development topics. This will be most relevant for caregivers with children between the ages of birth to 7 years of age.

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Let’s take a peek at who is behind PlayMore

Anandé is a pediatric occupational therapist with a special interest in playfulness and sensory integration. Upon completion of her Masters degree, Anandé presented her research at the World Federation of Occupational Therapists Congress in 2018 and has been published in the Occupational Therapy International Journal.

Anandé has a passion to enable children and families to function optimally within their play, home and school contexts. PlayMore aims to support caregivers with tools, strategies and knowledge in order to help children reach their full potential. The PlayMore Member Playground was created to provide caregivers with access to relevant information and resources, focused on play and child development.

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