Time constraints and concerns around crime and safety are some of the contributing factors that have shifted play from outdoors to children spending more time indoors (not necessarily playing).⁣

Recent studies have found correlations between screen time and children experiencing difficulties with:⁣

  • sleep;⁣
  • socio-emotional regulation;⁣
  • an increase in attention difficulties;⁣
  • higher risk of obesity and⁣
  • areas of their development and learning. ⁣

With unstructured free play opportunities declining most, we need to take steps to find the balance and create the space and time for more playful opportunities within home and school contexts. ⁣

PlayMore looks forward to hosting ‘The Pursuit of Playfulness’ parent talks in 2019. We will discuss the importance of various types of play as linked to children’s development and learning, discuss ways to manage screen-time and practical solutions to take steps in creating more playful opportunities within the home context and out and about!



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